These US companies will cover travel costs for employees who need an abortion

New York CNN Business  —  After the Supreme Court ruled on Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade, corporate giants from a range of industries pledged to provide support and financial assistance for employees — and, in some cases, their dependents — seeking abortions in states that outlaw the procedure. The court’s decision to roll back … Read more

Lawmakers urge Google to remove misleading results in searches for abortion clinics

New York CNN Business  —  Congressional Democrats are urging Google to prevent searches for abortion clinics from returning results and ads that direct users to facilities that oppose the procedure, saying misleading search results on where to get an abortion could put women’s health at risk. Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Elissa Slotkin said that … Read more

SpinLaunch wants to radically redesign rocketry. Will its tech work?

New York CNN Business  —  A California startup wants to put satellites into a circular chamber and whip them around to more than 5,000 miles per hour before letting them burst out, allowing a rocket to fire up its engine only after it’s escaped the smothering tug of Earth’s gravity. Humanity has been putting objects … Read more

Going to space left William Shatner ‘weeping’ with grief

New York CNN Business  —  William Shatner — the 90-year-old actor, presenter, spoken word poet, author, and, more recently, the oldest person ever to travel to space — is showing no signs of slowing down. This fall, he plans to publish a book, called “Boldly Go,” which is billed as a sort of philosophical reflection … Read more

SpaceX gets key environmental approval for Mars rocket

New York CNN Business  —  Federal regulators made a key decision on SpaceX’s plans to launch its gargantuan Mars rocket, called Starship, into orbit from Texas — saying Monday that, as long as the company complies with 75 “mitigating actions,” the rocket launches should clear federal standards for environmental impact. The list of actions includes … Read more

No, Google’s AI is not sentient

CNN Business  —  Tech companies are constantly hyping the capabilities of their ever-improving artificial intelligence. But Google was quick to shut down claims that one of its programs had advanced so much that it had become sentient. According to an eye-opening tale in the Washington Post on Saturday, one Google engineer said that after hundreds … Read more