Layoffs are on the rise in the midst of crypto winter

New York CNN Business  —  Hao Jia was so convinced in the potential of cryptocurrencies that he passed up a job at a large tech firm, Oracle, to take another offer he received in early April to be a software engineer at one of the buzziest crypto startups, Coinbase. But last week, Jia was one … Read more

SpinLaunch wants to radically redesign rocketry. Will its tech work?

New York CNN Business  —  A California startup wants to put satellites into a circular chamber and whip them around to more than 5,000 miles per hour before letting them burst out, allowing a rocket to fire up its engine only after it’s escaped the smothering tug of Earth’s gravity. Humanity has been putting objects … Read more

No, Google’s AI is not sentient

CNN Business  —  Tech companies are constantly hyping the capabilities of their ever-improving artificial intelligence. But Google was quick to shut down claims that one of its programs had advanced so much that it had become sentient. According to an eye-opening tale in the Washington Post on Saturday, one Google engineer said that after hundreds … Read more

Twitter Says It’s Testing Edit Button, Day After Musk Poll

Twitter has announced, via Twitter, that it is indeed working on an edit feature for tweets. Newly chosen board member and now Twitter’s largest shareholder Elon Musk had run a Twitter poll that started Monday asking users if they wanted an edit button. It’s something users have long requested. Twitter’s post says, “we’ve been working … Read more